Monday, April 28, 2003

Playoffs Update Well, the Wild evened up the series last night when they beat the Canucks in Game 2 by the score of 3-2 in Vancouver. I wasn't able to watch the game (yesterday wasn't the best day for me) so I can't comment on the game from having seen it. The Wild scored early in the 3rd to go up 3-1 and the Canucks had to pull Cloutier to score another goal near the end. With about 50 seconds left, The Canucks' hero in Game 1, Trent Klatt, almost tied the game up but Wild defenseman Willie Mitchell put his closed his hand on the puck. The play was reviewed and that little detail was missed. If it had been noticed by the refs, there would have been a penalty shot. After the final horn, fights broke out and five players were given misconducts, including Mitchell, who had been sent to the penalty box 7 seconds earlier for roughing. I think I've decided who I want to win this series. Vancouver. I'm more of a fan of the Wild but I think having the Canucks win will be better for hockey. Because I don't think the Stars will win their series, having the Canucks win will leave at least one exciting team left in the Western Conference. I don't want the Wild to end up in the Finals with the Devils. That would be terrible. The next game is on Tuesday in Minnesota @ 8. The Flyers handed the Senators a shut out in Ottawa last night when the won 2-0 in Game 2. They also tied up their series. Philadelphia goalie Roman Chechmanek had 33 saves and had his 2nd career shut out. I don't have too much to say about this game because I didn't watch it and I'm not too in to the Eastern Conference. Game 3 is on Tuesday at 7. Tonight's games: Dallas @ Anaheim, 10 EST, Ducks lead 2-0. I hear Billy Guerin may be back. New Jersey @ Tampa Bay, 7 EST, Devils lead 2-0


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