Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The guys over at Hockey Pundits had this to say today:
Never let it be said that there are players with no holes in their game. Every player in the NHL has some aspect of his game that could be honed to a finer point, the better to finish off an opponent. Patrick Roy, at age 37, is surely the finest netminder ever to grace the NHL. He has more wins, more games, and more minutes than any man to play before him. But he has one major flaw. You can't count on Patty in the clutch. I'm sure there are many fans who could think of no better goalie to have in a pressure situation. How many times have you heard, either in print or on TV, that "if I HAD to win one game, I'd want Roy in the nets"? Well, don't believe them, because when it comes to "must win" games, the finest goaltender in NHL history is rather pedestrian. Even prior to last night's loss to the Wild, Patrick Roy's record in game 7's was, well, average at best. Six wins, six losses. None of those wins on the road, mind you. A .500 guy. You NEED a win? Well, St. Patrick can get you one....half the time. And now, not even half the time. Now, you're not so sure who you want between the pipes. Regardless of what happened last night, you'd much rather have Ed Belfour when the chips are down and it's winner take all. Up until last night, the Eagle had rolled a 7 in game 7 four straight times. Now, due to a lack of defense in front of him, Eddie's game 7 record is no longer perfect, but he still closes them out 80% of the time. So you can have all the Patrick Roy you want, with all the gaudy regular season statistics, and, of course, all the Stanley Cup rings, but when the chips are down and the series needs to be won, I'd much rather fly with the Eagle rather than pray that St. Patrick might somehow see me through.


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