Tuesday, April 22, 2003

According to the Detroit Free Press, assistant coach Barry Smith is not thinking about going to coach for the Pens. HNIC commenters had said on Saturday that the Penguins might be interested in Smith, who wants to be a head coach. He says he would have to be offered a very good deal for him to be willing to leave Hockeytown. Way to go, Barry. Chris Chelios has withdrawn from the US national team because of family comittments and personal reasons. The Detroit News says the Wings aren't likely to do much on the open market this off season. Their first priority is resigning their own players, Larionov, McCarty, Woolley and Fedorov. Yzerman is an UFA but if he's playing next year, he will be resigned so there are no worries there. While I think that's okay for the most part, I kind of hope they go after Todd Marchant of Edmonton. The Wings could use a couple more tough forwards. The News has an interesting article on Igor Larionov and the possibility of his return next year. The Wild did the unthinkable last night, beating the Avs 3-2 in OT to extend the series to 7 games. The scary thing for Avs fans must be the fact that the Wild were up 2-0 in the 3rd and the Avs had to come back to go into OT and still lose it. The GWG scorer was Richard Park, the Wings semi-nemesis (he always seems to score when we play them.....). The next game is tonight and will be Colorado's 5th straight Game 7. Last year the Wings embarrassed the Avs and hopefully the Wild will do something like that this year. A Wild victory would give a new look to a playoffs that already has no Red Wings. The winner of the series will face either Vancouver or St. Louis. Those two teams play tonight also, in Vancouver for their own Game 7, thanks to a comeback from the Canucks. Go Wild and go Blues! Toronto saved their season for at least another night when they beat the Flyers last night, 2-1 in the 2nd overtime. Their next game is tonight also, in Philly. There's a lot of good hockey tonight.


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