Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Wings goalie Curtis Joseph stretches to turn aside a shot by Minnesota's Sergei Zholtok in the third period.(from detnews) The Wings paid the Wild back tonight, shutting them out 4-0 with goals by Igor, Feds, Zata and Homer. Holmstrom(2), Larionov(3) and Schneider(2) had multiple point nights. The Wings played well and dominated Minnesota the whole game. CuJo looked good when he needed to. The Wings had 33 shots again but this time were able to get to the puck on rebounds and have most everything go their way. The Captain got cheap-shotted, first with a stick to the face and then with a knee-check. Both happened within a couple seconds of eachother. He had to go get stiches but did come back. Blind refs again. There was a big group fight in the 1st, with everyone going hugging and punching. I missed Zata's goal because it was in the first minute of the 3rd and I had the TV on another channel. Holmstrom reached 20 goals for the first time in his career. With Larionov's goal, the Wings have the most players with 2-digit goals (12, I think). Just when I start to wonder why Igor is still playing, he comes back with a game like this. Pretty amazing. Ken Daniels said said something very interesting: the Wings are second to last in total PP opportunities (NJ has the least) with 285 chances (compared to 348 times short handed). They have the highest PP% in the league with 23.9%. The Canucks have the most PP chances with 392, a difference of 87. They had it figured out that if the Wings were to have gotten those 87 PP chances, at their current %, they would have about 25 more goals than they have. That's a lot of goals, goals the Wings really could have used in January. The Wings can't say why they, a puck-possession team, has that kind of differential in PP and SH and in PP chances compared to the rest of the league. Pretty strange. Anyway, a good game tonight. Next up @ San Jose on Thursday at 10:30 | full boxscore |full recap


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