Monday, March 31, 2003

The Wings congratulate Steve Yzerman, whose goal in the second period was his second of the season.(detnews) The Wings shut out the Predators 3-0 tonight. The Captain, Feds and Zata scored. Yzerman and Sergei's goals were on the PP and Zetterberg's was an empty net goal. CuJo started and looked sharp. Not a particularly exciting game, it was fairly even the whole time. Neither team played great. Most of the time, the Wings had the puck rolling off the end of their stick as they were making a play. the HDZ line had another good game, Pavel was creating fits for the Nashville defense all game. All three players got a point. Nothing stands out from this game, except maybe the 4:00 Preds PP the Wings killed off near the end of the game. It looked like the Wings were having trouble motivating themselves to play a non-playoff team. It's good they won though because they clinched the Central Division. The league suspended assistant coach Joe Kocur for two games for throwing that chair on the ice on Saturday. They also fined the Wings $5,000. They fined Blues head coach Joel Quenneville $5,000 too and the Blues team $25,000. Too bad no one on the Blues got suspended but that's asking too much. Interesting factoid: Igor Larionov does not use a curved stick blade in games. He's been using one in pre-game and practices (along with a heavier stick than he uses in games so his game sticks feel lighter). I never knew that. Pretty amazing that he can make all those great passes and handle the puck so well with no curve. Anyway, next up: Thursday vs. the Islanders at 7:30 @ the Joe. I hope they'll get up a little more for that one, it'd be nice to win the Conference and maybe the President's Trophy. Dallas won tonight so they are again #1 in the Conference and also are tied with Ottawa for #1 in the league. They're just one point ahead of us though. GO WINGS!!!!! | full recap | box score


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