Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Fan Faceoff results are in

Today, the NHL's Fan Faceoff Panel emailed out some results from recent surveys:
- 77% of you are interested in having coaches miked in TV games. - 80% of you are interested in having players miked in TV games. - 81% of you are interested in having referees miked in TV games. - 95% of respondents are satisfied with the rule removing the red line. - 80% of respondents are satisfied with the shootout - 57% of respondents are satisfied with the new rule on where a goalie can play the puck. - 71% of respondents are satisfied with the new rule that penalizes a player if he shoots the puck into the stands in his defensive zone. - 31% of respondents think their team will win the Stanley Cup in the next three seasons. - 29% of you think that the area that the league should focus on most in the next few years is improving television ratings. - 68% of U.S. respondents strongly agree that the league should create a Monday Night Football type night for hockey. - The top five young stars that fans want to see are Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Henrik Zetterberg, Henrik Ludqvist and Simon Gagne. The top ten NHL rivalries as voted by you, the fans: 1. Colorado versus Detroit 2. Calgary versus Edmonton 3. Ottawa versus Toronto 4. Montreal versus Toronto 5. NY Rangers versus Philadelphia 6. NY Islanders versus NY Rangers 7. New Jersey versus NY Rangers 8. Boston versus Montreal 9. Colorado versus Vancouver 10. Dallas versus Detroit
Nice to see Hank is getting some recognition there and what other answer could there be for the top rivalry? If you're not already doing these surveys, you should be. They normally don't take that long and are one of the few ways fans can have a say in anything the league does, however small that say may be. For doubters, the league says this:
The answers you have provided have been used in a number of ways. Currently, the information you have provided is helping the league with its 2006-07 marketing plans and regular season schedule.
It's something, folks. The sections where the survey asks for a written response are especially key. As far as I can remember, they didn't start asking questions about a "Monday Night Football type night for hockey," until I stressed the need for something like it in a written respone field. Sign up here.


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