Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oilers lose Roloson as they drop Game 1

Update (07. Jun, 1:55 PM): Christy has an excellent post over at BtJ on Roloson's injuries, which apparently include a hyper-extended elbow. I hyper-extended my elbow in the third game of my senior football season (blindsided by the D-lineman I'd been blocking all night after my QB threw an interception) so I can tell you that it's not a fun injury. Neither is playing with it... Update (7:55 PM): Probably spoke too soon about Edmonton's starter for tomorrow night's game. The AP, via. Fox Sports, reports a tryout-like atmosphere at the Oilers' practice today, where Markkanen and Conklin were subjected to barrages. The concensus still seems to be Markkanen but there isn't anything official on that yet. Which was the bigger bonehead play, Marc-Andre Bergeron's freight-training Andrew Ladd into Roloson's knee late in the third or Ty Conklin's screw-up behind the net that led to the game winner? Bergeron's, I think, though Edmonton had a chance to win, and maintain some level of equality in this thing, until that miscommunication behind the net. Now, Roloson is out for the series. A major loss for the Oilers, whose fans have other reasons not to be optimistic: Edmonton dropped a three-goal lead by allowing four straight (with Roloson in net, mind you) and the 'Canes are of the opinion that they didn't even play very well. (It's true, they didn't) More ominous for the Oilers is Cam Ward's performance in the third period. He stopped a number of sure goals and looked great. Jussi Markkanen, the likely starter for Game 3, will have a tough time matching that, which puts a ton of pressure on the Edmonton defense. And against what CBC called the deepest group of forwards they've faced all playoffs. Think we'll see the trap on Wednesday? Begeron seemed pretty good in the series against the Wings but last night, as Don Cherry so helpfully pointed out, he wasn't so great. He was "picking his nose" on the Justin Williams shorthanded goal and then he made that completely pointless check on Ladd that resulted in his team losing probably their most important player. Nice. Also, who is this "Ray Whitney" guy? He scored two goals last night. What the heck is that? See The Battle of Alberta's totally understandable reaction here. A2Y has a roundup of the various 'Cane/Oiler bloggers here and James Mirtle discusses the Edmonton goaltending situation here.


At 6/07/2006 01:28:00 PM, Blogger Christy Hammond said...

Did you hear that not only did Roloson strain his MCL, but he also hyperextended his elbow? Poor guy.


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