Friday, March 10, 2006

Cleary's deadline scare

Both papers relate a funny anecdote involving Dan Cleary yesterday. Here's the Freep's version:
SCARY MOMENT: Forward Dan Cleary was summoned to coach Mike Babcock's office hours before the NHL's 3 p.m. trade deadline. Uh-oh. "Dan Cleary came in and his face was sheet white," Babcock said. "And then I apologized to him. Just 'cause I had no idea. I'm not thinking about that. I'm not the GM. I'm just trying to win tonight." Cleary said Babcock wanted to talk about the penalty kill. "You're like, 'Oh God! What's going on,' " Cleary said of his thoughts as he entered Babcock's office. "He looks at me, he's like 'No! Nothing like that.' ... "Obviously, today is a day where everyone in the league knows your life can turn any minute. Things can go from good to bad or from bad to really bad."
Poor guy. Well, Dan knows now that he is a valued cog in the Red Machine and that he's with the team until the end, whatever that may be.


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