Monday, August 01, 2005

The Carnival is coming!

I am happy to announce that 'On the Wings' will host the fourth 'Carnival of the NHL' this Friday. The OtW crew is proud to make our little piece of Hockeytown available to the great acts that are sure to be in this week's edition. We will be checking out as many hockey blogs as we can between now and Thursday night, looking for the best of the past week but if you bloggers out there have something you'd like to have included for sure, drop me (Matt) an e-mail by 7:00 PM ET Thursday night (subject: 'Carnival of the NHL submission'). Hey Eric, if the competition to host this thing starts to heat up more, maybe you should start a sort of "Hockey Blogoshere Carnival Commission" (Off Wing readers, perhaps?) to vote on awarding the Carnival to sites after they present bids (like the IOC does with the Olympics).


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