Friday, December 26, 2003

Injury Updates

Good News / Bad News: The good news is that Igor Grigorenko has returned to the ice after his aweful car accident. His injuries included a broken left thigh bone and two fractures of his left shin bone, as well as post-surgery complications that left him with a life-threatening fat embolism in his left lung. Playing for the Russian team Lada Togliatti, Igor made an impact in his first game back since the May 15th accident. He played 19 minutes, registering an assist and the game winning goal. Hopefully, he'll make a strong appearance at training camp next year and will make the team. Just think of a potential line of Grigorenko, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg... The bad news is that the Dominator hasn't dominated yet and it looks like he won't have a chance to for awhile. After having an MRI on his groin, indications are that he won't be able to play "in the near future." Remember he's being paid $6 million dollars this season, with the $2 million forfeited from his contract after he bargained for a no-trade clause that might haunt the Wings with Joseph playing so well lately and $15.1 million dollars of goaltending being paid for. You must remember, professional hockey is a business, and we are paying for Mr. Hasek's services right now. And much of Hockeytown simply doesn't buy that the guy came back here for the team, but rather for personal reasons. He's had some financial problems with the release of his clothing line and such. I don't want to judge, but the guy really hasn't talked up the possibility of winning a Cup. He hasn't sounded that motivated to me. And by a recent poll, 42.8% of 1256 fans want Hasek traded and Cujo kept, to 35.5% who just said to keep Cujo, to only 21.5% who said trade Cujo; numbers that clearly favor Cujo over Hasek, at least right now, as Wings fans quickly turn on their goaltenders.


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