Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Pure Fantasy

Jerry Green proposes an very interesting if highly unlikely idea in today's Detroit News. His suggestion is that the Wings get the University of Michigan to let them use the Big House for their January 4th game against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. He points out that the stadium will be unused until the late summer of 2004 and that the Heritage Classic and the UM/MSU outdoor game were both huge successes. There is also the fact that the Wings' fan base would be sure to fill the stadium to it's maximum capacity and that the 700,000 requests for tickets to the HC is probably nothing compared to the response that would be seen in Hockeytown. An outdoor game is a possibility here in Detroit and has already been thought about by Wings management, though the venue proposed was Comerica Park, not Michigan Stadium. I cannot see the Wings ever playing a game in Ann Arbor mainly because it is not a Mike Illitch venue, though it would be amazing and give a much higher number of fans a chance to go to a game. The fact that it would be against Fedorov and the Ducks makes it even more appealing. Still, that kind of thing takes a lot of planning and there is hardly even a month left to prepare for Green's date. It is something to dream about, though.


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