Sunday, October 26, 2003

Rangers Game

Like Matt, I didn't catch the Red Wings / Rangers game either. But I did catch the Crap Wings / Rangers game though. The Wings looked pretty awful and it makes me wonder how we let ourselves get beaten by a bunch of has-been losers (who else could this be but the mighty Rangers?)! Maybe this shows just how important Yzerman is to the team, as he sat out as a precautionary measure for his reconstructed knee. And that really bothers me, because there are many other "leaders" on the team that should step up in that kind of situation. Shanahan and Lidstrom's names come up for me. I know the Wings were on the second night of back-to-back games, but a 25% effort could've beaten the Rangers. Heck, the crowd was dead, as 99.9% of New York was watching game 6 of the Word Series, while .1% was watching the Rangers. So it wasn't really an "away" game, i.e. the home crowd could be counted in the dozens. Yeah, the last shift looked more like the Wings were protecting the empty net than trying to score a goal. And they interestingly failed at both. Hopefully the Wings will play better Wednesday against St Louis. They need to earn the money they insist they deserve in the NHLPA. If salaries were based on effort night-in and night-out, maybe we'd see something different on these kind of off-nights where it seems like there's no reason to play hard. (I'm sure we'd have seen a different Sergei Fedorov all those years, since he needs to keep up his buy-a-new-Ferrari-and-crash-it fund)


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