Monday, September 01, 2003

Joseph Rumor

There's a rumor circulating that the Wings are discussing a trade with Boston that would send CuJo there for draft picks. In a comment to the Boston Sun, Red Wings Senior VP Jim Devellano said that "our payroll is already too high... draft picks would be good." The likelihood of such a trade definitely grew when the hockey world learned that CuJo had surgery and will be out up to 6 weeks. I would not be happy with such a trade, since I still have remnants of hope that we can pick up a solid center for CuJo, but I would be satisfied that we would be getting SOMETHING in return for our huge investment in CuJo. Losing him in the waiver draft would be no good, and would awaken the trauma of losing Chris Osgood in the same manner. Let's cross our fingers that CuJo is moved before training camp starts!


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