Tuesday, September 30, 2003

GameDay: vs. Ottawa, 7:30

The Wings will face the Ottawa Senators tonight at the Joe. The game will be televised, after all, so most Wings fans will get their first look at the Wings in 10 days. This is being touted as a possible Stanley Cup Finals preview but it's unlikely the game will have that sort of atmosphere, since it's still the pre-season. Dominik Hasek is supposed to play the whole game, Steve Yzerman will play with Devereaux and Williams and Pavel Datsyuk will play in place of Jiri Hudler with Shanahan and Holmstrom. Devereaux is returning to the ice after missing the first 5 games because of a groin strain and is competing with Hudler and Williams, two of the Wings' preseason best so far, for the last two open spots on the roster.


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