Thursday, July 03, 2003

A very bad day for the Red Wings. They got Derian Hatcher but they lost any chance of getting Kariya or Selanne when both of them signed with Colorado for a total of $7 million. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news. The Avs gave Kariya $1.2 million (no that isn't a typo) for one year and Selanne $5.8 million for 1 year also. I can't believe Kariya took $1.2 million. He's been getting $10 million a year! The good thing about that is, it might drive Sergei's price down so the greedy pig can't get what he wants so badly. Anyway, these deals instantly makes the Avs the best team in the league, at least from an offensive perspective. It makes me sick. Who's buying the Cup now, Avs fans? The Wings got Derian Hatcher for 5 years, $30 million (that's $6 million a year for you non-math people). That's the only good news of the day, besides the news that Fedorov hasn't signed with anyone yet. I'm very glad Hatcher's on the team for 5 years now. His signing is a big step in the right direction but the Wings still need some sort of offense. It is going to be one heck of a battle this season between the Wings and the Avs. Some more bad news, Todd Marchant signed with the Jackets. There goes one of my picks for the Wings to sign.


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