Saturday, July 19, 2003

Never mind, it's official now is reporting now that Fedorov has agreed to terms with the Ducks. He will get his 5 years and at least $40 million. Looks like it was less about the money than about getting out of Detroit after all. Now that it's actually happened, I just feel angry. Even if this turns out to be another rumor, I don't want him back now. Even though the Wings pretty much need him. The Ducks come to town on December 3rd and I expect all those lucky enough to be at the Joe that night to give Sergei non-stop booes every time his selfish rear-end hits the ice. I'm glad the Wings got Hatcher because now they have someone who can level him like Scott Stevens on Paul Kariya. Fedorov, I hope you enjoy your new home, where hockey is a tiny little section in the back of the sports page and where there are just enough fans to fill the Pond maybe. Enjoy playing with Vaclav Prospal and having to compete with him to be the #1 man. Enjoy playing golf in April too, since I doubt the Ducks will make it again. I never though I'd see you in a different uniform but now I will. I cannot believe this.


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