Wednesday, July 02, 2003

-- Mostly depressing news today. Both newspapers say Sergei is very likely gone (here and here) and that the Wings are looking for a defenseman to replace him. They are going to use a more defensive style of play next year. Here's a long quote from Hollan that explains why: "Our team has really been built on offense. If you look at when we won the Cups in '97 and '98, we were really strong up the middle. Our defense played well, but maybe we didn't have the depth on defense. We were able to roll four lines. Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Maybe we've got to go in a different direction. Maybe we've got to try to have the best defense in the league. Maybe we won't score as many goals, but it's a different style of team. You've got to be flexible. You look at the teams that went to the final four this year, really were all defensive teams. I don't think there is any reason why with our talent we shouldn't be a team that can contend with the least amount of goals in the league." -- Holland also implied yesterday that Josephy might not be the goalie that gets traded. He said "There's a lot of things in play. I would say to you that Dom's first choice if he does play would be here. But I know he's very aware -- it's been explained to him and Rich Winter -- of the commitment we made to Curtis Joseph." Everyone is just waiting for Dom's decision. Then Holland will be able to make a decision. -- Both papers have articles on Mac and how he's happy to be back for next year. (here and here)


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