Monday, May 19, 2003

Wings Update It's hard for me to imagine this but it looks like Dom's in trouble for beating a man unconscious during an inline hockey game in the Czech Republic last weekend. Apparently, the other player checked Hasek, who was a skater, not a goalie. Dominik took exception and after he broke the man's nose, he beat him with his stick. Uhhh, nice one, Dom. Way to stay cool, calm and collected. Wow. I guess even Dominik Hasek can beat someone up when they have a totally unfair advantage. Bad, bad news: Igor Grigorenko is in even worse condition after his surgery. Apparently his condition is not life-threatening but he'll be in the intensive care unit for a while now. I doubt we'll ever see Igor in a Wings jersey. The Russian doctors are saying he won't return until next year at the earliest. I'm hearing he has a double hip fracture along with a broken leg below the knee and a concussion. Sounds like a career ending injury to me. I'd like to know the full story on what happened that night. We're told he was not drinking but it can't just be that he is a bad driver. I guess sports teams run this kind of risk when they don't lock their players up in a hotel for their whole careers. I'm glad Igor didn't die but hopefully he has something else to do because he career probably is over. Playoff Update There were no games last night Tonight's Games New Jersey @ Ottawa, 7 ET, Devils lead series 3-1. Go Sens!


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