Saturday, May 24, 2003

Wings Update Igor Grigorenko appears to no longer be in danger of dying from his injuries, according to the Free Press. The story builds on the news from yesterday and says that Igor's leg injuries should not keep him from playing in the NHL but there still could be other damage that would prevent him from playing again. His lungs and brain might have permanent damage from the fat embolism and from the coma. Right now he's heavily sedated and the doctors have to wait until he is off the ventilator, talking and moving around before they can tell just how much damage was done. He's been doing things like sticking his toungue out when the doctors ask him so he is able to understand what's going on. Keep it up, Igor! Playoff Update Once again, the Devils are going to the Finals. Thanks to a defensive screw up from Wade Redden and Karel Rachunek, Jeff Friesen scored the game winner with 2:14 left in the game, just when it looked like the Sens would overwhelm the Devils. There was sort of a two-on-one break into the Senators zone and Redden went to close down on Grant Marshall and pin him to the boards. Rachunek, coming from behind, also went over to pin Marshall. That left Friesen wide open in the middle and after a pass through Redden's legs by Marshall, Friesen beat Lalime, who had no chance. Redden broke his stick on the glass. I'd put the blame more on Rachunek but I wonder if something along the lines of what Shanahan said last year (after he missed all those chances in Game 3) was going through Wade's head: "If I'd had a knife, I would have cut my throat" (paraphrase). The Senators had been keeping everyone out of their seats for the previous 5 minutes or so and looked like they would finally break the Devils down before Friesen scored. After that, they never got anything really dangerous going. Hossa had a couple of awesome chances and may have arguably lost the series when he froze and didn't shoot on one of those chances at the side of the net. He might have been waiting for Brodeur to drop (wishful thinking Marian) but he should have shot the puck. Anyway, my hatred for the Devils is now undying. I'm not sure what normally happens but to me, wearing your Conference Championship hats when going through the hand-shaking line is a little unsportsmanlike. And then posing with the Prince of Wales Trophy? I'm sorry if I'm having a selective memory here but that just made me sick. Go Ducks Go Ducks GO Ducks! I want to see another sweep by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Giguere, this is where you show how good you really are. Hardline hockey fans, get ready for the Stanley Trap Finals because there sure won't be anyone else watching the games except die hards. I feel bad for the Sens fans. So many years of frustration. At least they have the class to cheer their team as they left the ice, unlike some "fans." (*cough * Avs fans *cough*)


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