Tuesday, April 29, 2003

World Championships Update Team Canada beat Team Sweden today, 3-1. Kris Draper played opposite Peter Forsberg. Drapes on being Forsberg's shadow: "I like those challenges. It's what I have always done and the reason they brought me over here, so it makes my job easier when I know my role." The win made Canada the top spot and dropped Sweden to #2. The Swedes had what they called bad luck and Zetterberg's hitting the post on a clear chance to end the 2nd is evidence of that. Team Russia beat Team USA to sweep their group and keep USA winless in the tournament. letsgowings.com has a stats box for all the Wings playing in the WC. Read this. While I agree that Heatley probably will be the next great player in the NHL (at least the next great one from Canada......), I don't think he'll be winning a Cup within 3 years, as the writer says. I don't think the new CBA will change the league that much. The Thrashers aren't that close to a championship and they won't let Heatley go. He and Ilya will turn into Atlanta's Selanne and Kariya.


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