Sunday, April 20, 2003

Ted Kulfan's Red Wings grades came out today. Again, they are pretty accurate, if a little soft on some guys. I saw today that Igor might be going back to Russia to play for his old club team for their playoff run. Cheli was named to preliminary roster of the US national team. He'd compete in the World Championships in Helsinki on Saturday. The Stars eliminated the Oilers last night in Game 6. The score was 3-2. I wish the Oilers had been able to hold on and upset Dallas but I guess they couldn't. The Stars will play Anaheim in the 2nd round. Colorado couldn't beat the Wild last night (they lost 3-2) and they now lead the series 3-2 (instead of 3-1). Game 6 is Monday and is at home for Minnesota. The crowd will be going crazy there, I'm sure. I wouldn't want to be the Avs, on the Wild home ice, even though the Wild most likely won't win. The Flyers made sure their game didn't go into OT with the Leafs and won 4-1. The next Blues/Canucks game is tonight @ 7 in St. Louis. The Blues have a chance to put Vancouver away (sorry Lisa) and hopefully they will. I hope everyone has a great Easter! Remember what it's really about.


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