Saturday, April 26, 2003

Some quotes from the Blues on their elimination and the possibility of a coaching change:
"I hear things about how the coaching staff couldn't motivate a hockey team. That has to be the lamest excuse in sports. How do players get to this level without motivating themselves? Please. If you're not able to motivate yourself in the Stanley Cup playoffs, please let us know." - Al MacInnis "He's an unbelievable coach. What's happened this year, through all the adversity, you've got to give him a lot of credit. I believe in him. He should be back." - Keith Tkachuck "I feel as disgusted as I've been in my life. Not my career. My life." - Doug Weight "Personally, I felt this was our year to have something special. We blew it, we really did. We were exactly where we wanted to be, up 3-1, and we choked. You can write that. It's pretty unacceptable." - Dallas Drake
I'm impressed. Good to see those guys take responsibility, instead of giving it to someone else. Quenneville is a great coach and I think it would be a mistake on the level of the Avs firing of Hartley for St. Louis to do the same to him. I've heard some people put the blame on the goalie, like many people have done here in Detroit. I think that's stupid and simplistic. Ozzie is as solid a goalie as they were likely to get. He's won a Cup before and if the Blues defense can get up to what it used to be, the Blues might actually make a run next year, if they don't get ripped apart by management and if the Wings don't stop them (as they always do).


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