Sunday, April 27, 2003

Anaheim has done it again. They beat the Stars in OT 3-2. I watched some of the game (1st and 3rd periods) and the Ducks are getting a lot of the same breaks they got with the Wings, though they are playing more on Dallas' level than they played on the Wings'. The game tying goal was a lucky bounce (with about a minute left) and the game winner was sort of a fluke too. Giguere looks really solid and the Ducks defense is still holding off guys looking for any rebounds. I think the Ducks might be for real. Even though they beat the Wings (actually BECAUSE they beat the Wings, having them do well doesn't make the Wings look any worse as having them do bad would. Also, I just don't like the Stars), I want them to win the series. They seem to be "destined" to win it anyway. Next game: Monday in Anaheim @ 10 EST. New Jersey came back to beat the Lightning, 3-2 in OT too. Former Stars player (and Osgood bane) Jamie Langenbrunner scored his second straight game winner for the Devils. I bet the Stars wish they still had him right about now. Brodeur made an awesome save on a St. Louis breakaway and seconds later, the Devils tied it up. New Jersey was behind twice in the game but still came back. I can't see them losing a game in that series, if the Lightning can't even hold onto a lead against the Devils. Next game: Monday in Tampa Bay @ 7 EST Tonight's games: Minnesota @ Vancouver at 10 EST, Game 2, Canucks lead 1-0 Philadelphia @ Ottawa at 7 EST, Game 2, Senators lead 1-0


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